Astronauts Working flood controls ny nj the best of tweeter wallpaper posts Astronauts Working

Astronauts Working flood controls ny nj the best of tweeter wallpaper posts Astronauts Working

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Interesting facts about space.

Numerical simulations have been conducted that show that there is a 0.41 probability that Neptune's moon Halimede blasted into Nereid in the past. Even though it is not known if this collision really did occur, both moons display similar grey colors. This implies that Halimede could be a chunk of Nereid that broke off during the collision.

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Van Allen Radiation Belts. According to this widely known argument for the fake moon landing theory, the astronauts would not be able even to survive their trip after receiving a lethal dose of radiation, both from the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding the Earth and solar radiation beyond Earth's magnetic field.

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Gravity can pull binary systems apart when the sister objects travel too close to a massive body--such as the planet Neptune. The orbital motions of the two sister objects results in one member traveling slower than the other. This can disrupt the system and permanently alter the orbital companion. This mechanism is termed an exchange reaction, and it could have shot Triton into a number of different orbits around Neptune, Agnor continued.

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Titan's alien climate--including its heavy hydrocarbon rain and fierce winds--forms surface features that are similar to those on Earth, and it experiences seasonal weather changes--just like our own planet. In fact, with its liquids pooling both on its surface and beneath its surface, along with its mostly nitrogen atmosphere, Titan has a methane cycle that is comparable to Earth's water cycle--although at the much more frosty temperature of about -179.2 degrees Celsius.

In a study released in November 2011, Dr. Blankenship and his colleagues discovered the enormous subsurface lake on Europa by carefully scrutinizing two bumpy, circular features in the old Galileo images, taken about a decade earlier. The "chaos terrains" were shown to be bizarre regions of floating and colliding icebergs and ice flows. This jumbled mess collapsed portions of the little moon's ice shelf.

Astronomers have for years contemplated two competing hypotheses explaining the origin of the Martian moons. The first proposes that Phobos and Deimos are, indeed, escapees from the Main Asteroid Belt. Alas, this viewpoint begs the question of why they should have been so cruelly captured by their adopted parent-planet in the first place. An alternative theory points to the possibility that the moons were born from the debris left by a violent collision between Mars and a primordial protoplanet--a baby planet still under construction. However, this theory also suffers from uncertainty because it does not explain precisely how this particular tragic mechanism gave rise to Phobos and Deimos.