Black and White Dwarf Stars what does a black dwarf look like socratic and Stars White Dwarf Black

Black and White Dwarf Stars what does a black dwarf look like socratic and Stars White Dwarf Black

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Interesting facts about space.

Numerical simulations have been conducted that show that there is a 0.41 probability that Neptune's moon Halimede blasted into Nereid in the past. Even though it is not known if this collision really did occur, both moons display similar grey colors. This implies that Halimede could be a chunk of Nereid that broke off during the collision.

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Multiple Light Sources. On the moon, there is only one light source sufficiently strong to form shadows; the Sun. So it is solid to suggest that all shadows on the Moon should run parallel to each other. However, this was apparently not the case during the moon landing.

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Lack of Stars. Another famous argument for the moon landing hoax is a total lack of stars in the photographic and video evidence - even in the photos and videos of high quality. Here on Earth, when there's a black sky, there is always a lot of stars, so the videos must have been shot on a film stage. Right? Not so fast...

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The team also considered whether it would be possible to determine, with an adequate degree of certainty, if a detected moon could bear life-loving liquid water. In their analysis, the "input" climate for the moon is habitable, which is identified with high probability. However, there still remains approximately a one in six failure rate.

Unfortunately, even though mankind has gone to the moon in 1969, this is still not a simple feat in the 21st century. Most of the know how accumulated during the lunar flights have been lost due to the fact that production facilities have been dismantled and many experts who worked on the lunar missions either have retired or died. Right now, it would be impossible to replicate the Saturn 5 rockets that were used to launch the original Moon Mission. Thus, due to this, it has become impossible to fly to the moon again without some sort of a preparation. Hence, many scientists state that going to Mars is a better option as compared to going to the Moon.

Lunar Cycle and Menstruation. On average the menstrual cycle of a woman is exactly the same as the Lunar month which is 29.5 days. Studies show there are more births during full and new Moon. The stronger gravitational pull seems to have an effect. Another interesting fact is that more boys are born after the full Moon and more girls after the new Moon. Can it be the pull on the embryonic water as the Native America Indians believe? Though there is no scientific proof of many of the theories connected with the Moon it is very interesting.