Black Hole Swallowing Tattoo first glimpse of black hole swallowing star ejecting Black Hole Tattoo Swallowing

Black Hole Swallowing Tattoo first glimpse of black hole swallowing star ejecting Black Hole Tattoo Swallowing

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Interesting facts about space.

Earth's Moon is our planet's closest neighbor in space, but it is remarkable how even neighbors can keep secrets from each other. For years, astronomers thought that Earth's Moon was barren of water and other volatile compounds, but this notion began to change in 2008, when a team of planetary scientists announced that they had discovered small quantities of water imprisoned within volcanic glass beads, that astronauts had carried back to Earth from the Apollo 13 and 17 missions to our Moon. In 2011, additional research revealed extremely tiny crystalline formations within those beads--indicating that they contained quantities of water similar to some basalts on Earth.

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In addition to the Giant Impact theory, there are several other models that have been proposed to explain how our Moon was born. One alternative model to the Giant Impact scenario suggests that Earth's Moon was once a part of our planet that simply budded off when our Solar System was in its infancy--approximately 4.5 billion years ago. According to this model, the Pacific Ocean basin would be the most likely cradle for lunar birth. A second model proposes that our Moon was really born elsewhere in our Solar System and, like the duo of tiny potato-shaped Martian moons, was eventually snared by the gravitational tug of a major planet. A third theory postulates that both Earth and Moon were born at about the same time from the same protoplanetary accretion disk, composed of gas and dust, from which our Sun's family of planets, moons, and smaller objects ultimately emerged.

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A moon is a natural body that is in orbit around another body that circles our Sun. The moon is kept in its orbit by its host's gravity, as well as by the gravity of the moon itself. Some planets host moons; some do not. Some asteroids have moons, and some dwarf planets--such as Pluto--are also circled by moons.

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"I think the best thing about this work is that they explain this link between the mass of the moon and the orbital distance, which was known before but not understood," said planetary scientist, Dr. David Nesvorny, in the November 29, 2012 Scientific American. Dr. Nesvorny, of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, who did not contribute to the new research, added that "If you had asked me a few years ago, I would think of our Moon's formation and the formation of the satellites of the outer planets differently. This puts things on common ground."

Embrace Instead of Resist. It is so much easier to embrace the new instead of resisting when we understand what is happening. With the Moon Goddess activating our emotions which then can surf us into our intuition, we can be a part of this process now, no longer kept in the dark or separate. At the beginning though, as it is the unknown, new to us, superstition can abound with fears running over into our daily lives.

It's good to keep track and to know what phase of the moon we are in. Our behaviors and emotional responses directly correlate to the Moon's lunation phases. When we coordinate our activities with the lunar energies we can really maximize their influence. And we can use all the help we can get, right? Plant seeds, ideas, visions at the New Moon. Weed, cull, and remove the unnecessary at the Full Moon.