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Interesting facts about space.

The moon people had a unique system of beliefs. They presumed that all the memories that they remember are borne by an external soul associated with their physical body. So, they believed the soul was a separate entity from the body and that this soul could transmigrate. They identified the soul as their "Self". They did not have a concept of God, unlike the comparative situation with many religions on earth. However they firmly believed that the soul would instantly "Teleport" to a heaven immediately upon a person's death. They also believed that they would have youthful physical bodies when they took up their abode in heaven. They were convinced that heaven was an extremely beautiful place of pleasure with very many fun things to do and look around and enjoy. They believed that once they were in heaven, they would not age, fall ill, feel pain or have sorrowful feelings of any kind.

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These different results to basically the same types of studies make me wonder if there is any relationship between location on the planet and the full moon. Are there areas on the planet and in our own country that may be more effected by lunar phases than others? Is this even possible?

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The team further ascertained the presence of the enormous, embedded lake by drawing a connection between processes seen on Europa and processes seen on our own planet. Ice-piercing radar, that can delve through thick layers of ice sheets, has been used to locate numerous subglacial lakes in Antarctica.

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Dr. Li continued to note that "Other studies have suggested the presence of water ice in shadowed regions at the lunar poles, but the pyroclastic deposits are at locations that may be easier to access. Anything that helps save future lunar explorers from having to bring lots of water from home is a big step forward, and our results suggest a new alternative."

Dozens of crewless spacecraft, including landers, rovers, and orbiters, have been dispatched to Mars by the Soviet Union, the United States, Europe, and India to observe the planet's climate, surface, and geology. Since the year 2000, cameras circling in orbit around Mars have sent back to Earth a treasure chest overflowing with revealing pictures of the "fire star." These wonderful images have displayed a Martian surface etched with small valleys and carved into slopes. These features are eerily similar in their shape to gullies carved by gushing water flowing on Earth. The Martian gullies are believed to be less than a few million years old--a tiny wink of the eye on geological time scales. In fact, some of the gullies even appear to be younger than that! These detections are enticing. This is because the observations hint to planetary scientists that great quantities of liquid water may still be lingering on Mars at present--and that this gushing water might be what carved out the gullies.

Dr. Jacobson believes that this new study showing a later lunar birthday means that our planet's impact history was more turbulent than earlier thought. The alteration in Earth's bombardment rate, he suggests, also means an alteration in the quantity of energy that went into our planet's oceans and atmosphere. It also has implications for the history of our planet's surface temperature--which is important because liquid water could not exist until the surface had cooled off sufficiently.