Four Blood Moons Pastor Hagee lionheart john hagee ministries Four Hagee Pastor Blood Moons

Four Blood Moons Pastor Hagee lionheart john hagee ministries Four Hagee Pastor Blood Moons

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Interesting facts about space.

As a startup event in the agenda of the ceremony, all adult participants consume a cocktail made of mushrooms. The recipe of this cocktail has been coming down from the ancient days and is the same in all the cities. The moon people love it! The hallucinatory agents in the cocktail probably transport the minds of the people into a different realm and help them socialize, perform dances and enhance their inner bonding. Speculating on this further, the cocktail drink may be the core impetus driving their propensity for intercity traveling. The 'travelers' are assured of the reward of a dream making cocktail once every fourteen days at all the cities. Some people may be unconsciously addicted to this! No one took this special drink or any form of alcohol on the other days.

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Lack of Stars. Another famous argument for the moon landing hoax is a total lack of stars in the photographic and video evidence - even in the photos and videos of high quality. Here on Earth, when there's a black sky, there is always a lot of stars, so the videos must have been shot on a film stage. Right? Not so fast...

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When these photos were taken, it was full daylight on the Moon. Because there is only an extremely thin atmosphere on the Moon,the sky appears black. In addition, sunlight at the Moon's surface was incomparably strong with the starlight; the stars simply faded in comparison with the sun. If the astronauts used sufficiently long exposures, stars would, indeed, be visible.

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The outer Solar System is more richly endowed with moons than the inner regions. The two enormous gas giant planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and the ice giant planets, Uranus and Neptune, have numerous moons of various sizes, shapes, and origins. As these enormous planets grew, during the early days of our Solar System, they were able to ensnare wandering objects with their mighty gravitational grips.

"We've found a likely solution to the long-standing problem of how Triton arrived in its peculiar orbit. In addition, this mechanism introduces a new pathway for the capture of satellites by planets that may be relevant to other objects in the Solar System," explained Dr. Craig Agnor, a researcher from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in the May 10, 2006 issue of Time Magazine.

Icy moons and tumbling, gleaming moonlets dance around within the lovely and very famous rings of the gas-giant planet Saturn. A study released in November 2012 now suggests that most of the moons inhabiting our own Solar System were born from ancient, primordial Saturn-like ring systems that swirled around newborn planets circling the young Sun. According to this study, most of our Solar System's regular satellites--which are those moons that lovingly embrace their parent planets in approximately equatorial orbits--formed in this way. In contrast, the most popular theory explaining moon-formation, suggests that moons emerged simultaneously with their parent planets, as a direct consequence of planetary formation.