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Glenn Larson Astronomy glen a larson kampfstern galactica wiki Larson Astronomy Glenn

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Interesting facts about space.

Besides, the misconception is detected as the force from the moon influence comes from the distance, not affected by the phase. The moment of perigee, where the moon is situated closest to the Earth can happen at any time of the phase and higher tides are caused by the position of the Earth, moon and Sun. This is because strong tidal forces are exerted and these forces are a combination of the moon's and the Sun's, not entirely the contribution of the moon. There was a book by Arnold Lieber who commented that the catastrophic earthquake caused by the moon's force yet there was no such happenings. Although he did a prediction of an earthquake in California, everything that happened was not of what he derived to be.

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Who is to say one way or the other? Scientists debunk the theory that a full moon is accompanied by a rise in criminal activity. On the other hand, psychologists, police officers, hospital emergency room staff, even bartenders will admit to noticing a spike in strange, unexplained and criminal behavior during a full moon.

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Well, if you remember correctly I have mentioned that in Kason water is in more than one way important to the Burmese. And water is the subject of anticipation. Burmese farmers put it into the following words: "Water in the ponds recedes in Tagu and the whole land is parched in Kason."

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The first observations of Mars as an object traveling in Earth's night sky was recorded by the ancient Egyptian astronomers, and by 1534 BCE the ancient astronomers were familiar with the retrograde movement of the planet. By the time of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, the Babylonian astronomers were making regular records of the positions of the planets, as well as systematic detections of their behavior. In the case of Mars, the ancient astronomers realized that it made 42 circuits of the zodiac every 79 years. These scientists of long ago even invented arithmetic methods so that they could make minor corrections pertaining to the predicted positions of the planets inhabiting our Solar System. The ancient astronomers referred to the planets as "wandering stars".

There are ongoing studies assessing the past habitability potential of the Red Planet, as well as the possibility of life.

Do you know the name of the lunar module used in Apollo 11? Its name was "Eagle"; named after the United States national bird. The name "Columbia" was chosen for the larger command module.