Gliese 832c Surface

Gliese 832 c has a mass of approximately 5. 2 times that of Earth. If it had the same density of Earth it would have a radius of around 1. 75 R⊕ or possibly the planet could have a higher density with a smaller radius. Its temperature is predicted to be relatively similar to Earth’s, but is subject to significant swings as it orbits its star. The planet has a relatively high eccentricity, taking it very near to the predicted inner edge of the habitable zone. The planet’s average equilibrium temperature is predicted to be 253 kelvins (−20 °C), but is estimated to vary from 233 kelvins (−40 °C) at apoastron to 280 kelvins (7 °C) at periastron. However, because of its large mass, it may have a dense atmosphere, which could make it much hotter and more like the planet Venus.