Make Astronaut Costume how to make a diy kids astronaut costume for halloween Astronaut Make Costume

Make Astronaut Costume how to make a diy kids astronaut costume for halloween Astronaut Make Costume

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

Many surface crusts are made of a material known as lunar regolith. Lunar regolith transforms into translucent forms through a process called agglutination when the regolith is subjected to high heat. In many places, parts of the moon's surface consist of translucent material embedded in the moon's outer crust. These surfaces allow a substantial degree of sunlight to penetrate into the caves. Most of this glass like surface material has been naturally formed, millions of years ago. Amongst the translucent surface areas, there are also many areas of near clear-glass transparency. Due to refraction of the sunlight that penetrates into the caves, massive rainbow like color beams frequently appear in very many places inside the caves. Due to the vastness and the complexity of the spectrum of rainbow colors intermingling with each other, there is a stunningly beautiful visual effect inside the caves. The glow from the moon's outer surface when seen from inside the caves, gives a further dimension of beauty for the visual enjoyment of the people of the moon.

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They believed that heaven was a community based place without a leader, or elders, and that it had a social structure identical to the one they enjoyed in the moon. They did not have a concept of "Hell" and probably did not have a word meaning "sin" or any word with a meaning even slightly resembling it. Words such as sin, cruelty, evil, jealousy, anger, crime, fight, aggression, war, etc., were totally unknown to the moon people.

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That's right, if the moon is either Full or New (at night) will affect the fishes behavior during the day. This is worth considering the next time you're planning a fishing trip. The funny thing about this 'moon phase' stuff is that you can get as complicated as you want. If you so choose, you can research this stuff to the death. In my opinion, that's not at all necessary. As a matter of fact you can learn what you need to know about the moons impact on fishing in about a half an hour.

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However, Earth's Moon presents a special problem because its surface becomes increasingly hotter and hotter over the course of a day. Alas, this is especially true at latitudes where the pyroclastic deposits are located. This means that in addition to the light reflected from the lunar surface, the spectrometer also winds up measuring heat.

Saturn has 62 known moons. Most of them are very small, icy worldlets. On June 11, 2004, shortly before arriving at Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft made its only flyby--at an altitude of 2,000 kilometers--past the very tiny icy moon Phoebe. Phoebe is a heavily cratered worldlet that circles its planet backwards--indicating that it is a captured object, born elsewhere, and not an original member of Saturn's family.

The Moon changes signs (constellations) about every 2 and half days. The Moon is moody; she rules the sign of Cancer. If you know anyone who has a strong Cancerian influence in their chart (Sun or Moon in Cancer, a Cancer ascendant, or lots of planets, especially the Sun, in the 4th house) you can expect that person to be moody! As the Moon moves into a sign the emotional timbre of that sign is amplified. A Full Moon always brings more emergency room activity but a full Moon in Scorpio will make that activity all the more intense!