Mars Curiosity Rover Design the digital design the it behind mars science laboratory Mars Rover Design Curiosity

Mars Curiosity Rover Design the digital design the it behind mars science laboratory Mars Rover Design Curiosity

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

The evolutionary process has produced many light producing creatures in the caves. These creatures are commonly found on lakes, on land and in the mountainous areas of the caves. Bioluminescent organisms in the moon are not at all similar to those on earth. They are much more efficient light producers. People living in the moon have found ways to promote the growth of bioluminescent organisms on a mass scale. Though not very significant in terms of contribution, these organisms are part of the light sources. The moon people have been using fire for thousands of years for cooking and lighting. Man-made lamps and torches are used for illuminating the dwellings and public areas as an additional light source.

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Of course, in view of the recent findings, there are other reasons why Moon is so important for mankind. First of all, the findings from the Chandrayaan probe have shown unequivocally that water exists in the lunar poles. Hence, with the existence of water, colonizing the moon has not only become possible, it has become imperative. As you know, water contains both hydrogen as well as oxygen atoms. Hydrogen can be used as a propellant and as an energy source, while water can be used as an oxidizer as well as a major life support requirement. The oxygen is especially important, as it can be filtered to provide air and the water itself can be used from variety of ways from drinking to being used as a coolant in various subsystems. In addition, the proximity of the moon promises the transference of raw materials such as Helium 3 as well as iron that can be found beneath the lunar regolith. Hence, it is the time to go back to the Moon again for the sake of mankind.

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There are several potential explanations that could account for the sea's composition of pure methane, Dr. Le Gall added. "Either Ligeia Mare is replenished by fresh methane rainfall, or something is removing ethane from it. It is possible that the ethane ends up in the undersea crust, or that it somehow flows into the adjacent sea, Kraken Mare, but that will require further investigation," she noted.

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Earth's Moon consists of a core, mantle, and crust. The lunar core is proportionally smaller than other terrestrial bodies' cores. The iron-rich, solid inner core is 149 miles in radius, and it is encased within a liquid iron shell that is about 56 miles thick. A partly molten layer with a thickness of 93 milles surrounds the iron core.

However, Earth's Moon presents a special problem because its surface becomes increasingly hotter and hotter over the course of a day. Alas, this is especially true at latitudes where the pyroclastic deposits are located. This means that in addition to the light reflected from the lunar surface, the spectrometer also winds up measuring heat.

It's good to keep track and to know what phase of the moon we are in. Our behaviors and emotional responses directly correlate to the Moon's lunation phases. When we coordinate our activities with the lunar energies we can really maximize their influence. And we can use all the help we can get, right? Plant seeds, ideas, visions at the New Moon. Weed, cull, and remove the unnecessary at the Full Moon.