NASA Secrets About UFOs ufo the secret nasa transmissions the smoking gun doc 2017 NASA UFOs Secrets About

NASA Secrets About UFOs ufo the secret nasa transmissions the smoking gun doc 2017 NASA UFOs Secrets About

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A little interesting about space life.

There has never been any clash amongst the moon people. Words such as fight and war do not exist in their vocabulary. Their lack of diversity is symbolized by the fact that they have only one style of clothing. Their dress is of very simple style covering the full body including the head, with face kept open. These clothes closely resemble the ceremonial Jedi robes seen in the Star Wars movies. Men, women and all children wear the same type of clothing. The color is desert sand brown. The entire population talks the same language. Men and women do not have hair on the head from birth. But the men have beards, but no mustaches. They walk in a swinging style, resembling chimpanzees walking upright.

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Pluto itself is a relatively large denizen of the distant Kuiper Belt, that orbits our Sun in the frigid company of a vast multitude of other bewitching and mysterious icy objects. Like other Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs), Pluto is thought to be composed primarily of ice and rock. It is an intriguing frozen "oddball", a mere 1/6 the mass of Earth's own Moon and 1/3 its volume. Pluto also has a highly inclined, eccentric orbit that carries it from 30 to 49 Astronomical Units (AU) from our Sun. One AU is equal to the mean Earth-Sun separation of 93,000,000 miles. As a result, Pluto periodically moves towards our Sun at a distance that is closer to our Star than Neptune. Very fortunately for both Neptune and Pluto, an orbital resonance with Neptune prevents the duo from crashing into each other.

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Earth's lunar companion is thought to have been born about 4.51 billion years ago, according to a recent study. This means that our Moon was born soon after Earth's formation in the primeval Solar System. The average distance of Earth's Moon from our planet is about 238,900 miles--or approximately 1.28 light-seconds--and it is in synchronous rotation with Earth, always showing the same face, with the near side famous for its beautiful bewitching dark volcanic maria (Latin for seas) that are situated between prominent impact craters and the bright, very ancient, crustal highlands. Our Moon's surface is actually quite dark, even though it appears in the sky at night to be very bright, with a reflectance only a bit higher than that of old asphalt. The prominent position of our Moon in our planet's night sky, as well as its regular cycle of phases, have made our nearest and dearest celestial companion a valuable cultural influence since ancient times in art, mythology, language, and on calendars.

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If this ancient catastrophic impact really did occur, there should be deposits of these tragic moons on the Martian surface. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is currently planning a sample return mission to Phobos and Deimos, the Martian Moons Explorer, and NASA has plans to eventually return samples to Earth from the surface of Mars-- perhaps as soon as the 2020s. At the conclusion of their paper, the authors note, "Our scenario provides further motivation for a sample return mission to the Martian satellites."

The birthday of Earth's Moon came about 95 million years after the formation of the Solar System itself, according to the new calculations. This means that our planet's nearest neighbor in Space is approximately 60 million years younger than earlier estimates indicated.

Our Feelings Fuel Our Actions. As the swing of the pendulum has been moving toward the Moon Goddess period of influence, now it is our feelings that have come alive and fuel all our actions. Instead of being directed by the mind's visions, we respond more by how we feel. If it feels good, we spring into action. If it feels bad we usually resist and do nothing or little. Encouragement and acceptance spirals us into action now instead of "you should do this."