Planets Aligned Tattoo Forearm 40 solar system tattoo designs for men astronomy ink Planets Forearm Aligned Tattoo

Planets Aligned Tattoo Forearm 40 solar system tattoo designs for men astronomy ink Planets Forearm Aligned Tattoo

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A little interesting about space life.

During the ancient days, humans were not very informative, having little or zero knowledge about their surrounding occurrences, including the moon influence into human's lives. They thought that the lunar force originating from the moon is strong but in fact it is just a minor tidal pull. Scientific studies have proven that a child in the mother's embrace will exert twelve million times as much of tidal force compared to the moon. However the old conventional mentality has not been completely wiped off as some people still hold onto the belief that the moon's lunatic haul is capable of causing earthquakes, which is rather absurd from the view of the science facts. As a matter of fact, none of the objects - the Sun or moon has the capability of pushing powerful forces onto the Earth.

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On this full-moon day under the Bodhi tree he is said to have declared: "I know thee, never shall you build again these walls of pain." He made the 'knowledge' he had acquired in the course of his Enlightenment the basis of his following some 45 years of preaching and teaching as a religious philosopher while travelling as a mendicant. He was about 80 years old when he died in Kusinagara in Nepal after being poisoned.

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The "chaos terrains" are those regions of the icy moon that are covered with shattered, scrambled, and rotated chunks of crust the size several city blocks. Galileo images show swirly and very rough-looking material between the broken blocks of ice, which indicates that the blocks may once have been lodged atop a bed of slushy stuff that ultimately froze at the very frigid surface temperatures of Europa.

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Planetary scientists believed for years that Earth's Moon is depleted of water and other volatile compounds. However, this idea began to change in 2008, when a team of scientists announced that they had detected traces of water in some of the volcanic glass beads carried back to Earth from the Apollo 15 and 17 missions to the Moon. In 2011, additional study of extremely small crystalline formations within those beads revealed that they contain amounts of water that are similar to some basalts on Earth. This indicates that the lunar mantle--at least, part of it--contains as much water as Earth's.

Saturn is probably the most beautiful planet in our Sun's lovely family, with its magnificent system of enchanting rings, gleaming icy moons, and myriads of tumbling moonlets that dance and somersault both within and outside of the rings. One of Saturn's moons is Titan, the second largest moon in our Solar System, after Ganymede of Jupiter. Shrouded in a dense orange mist, Titan is famous for its frozen clouds of methane, and hydrocarbon seas and lakes. Titan's thick, veiling atmosphere is composed of a wonderful icy soup of compounds very much like those thought to have been present in Earth's primordial atmosphere. Titan's thick atmosphere--which is much denser than Earth's atmosphere--contains mostly nitrogen, like that of our own planet. But Titan's atmosphere also contains significantly greater percentages of such so-called "smoggy" chemicals as methane and ethane. The smog on Titan is so extremely dense that it actually rains "gasoline-like" liquids down on the surface of this bizarre world. Indeed, some of the chemicals discovered in Titan's atmosphere might indicate that simple and primitive methane-based life (methanogens), might dwell on this truly weird moon.

It's good to keep track and to know what phase of the moon we are in. Our behaviors and emotional responses directly correlate to the Moon's lunation phases. When we coordinate our activities with the lunar energies we can really maximize their influence. And we can use all the help we can get, right? Plant seeds, ideas, visions at the New Moon. Weed, cull, and remove the unnecessary at the Full Moon.