Planets Names in Urdu urdu entertainment planet dastarkhwan in Urdu Names Planets

Planets Names in Urdu urdu entertainment planet dastarkhwan in Urdu Names Planets

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A little interesting about space life.

"Prior to the Hubble observations, nobody appreciated the intricate dynamics of the Pluto system," Dr. Mark Showalter explained in a June 3, 2015 HST Press Release. Dr. Showalter is of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in Mountain View, California. He is lead author of the Nature paper.

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Kepler-22b is an extrasolar planet that circles Kepler-22, a G-type star that is situated about 600 light-years from our own planet in the constellation Cygnus. This intriguing new world, that resides beyond our Solar System, was first spotted by NASA's highly productive, though ill-fated, Kepler Space Telescope in 2011. Kepler-22b has the distinction of being the first known transiting extrasolar planet to reside within the so-called habitable zone of its star. The habitable zone is the term used to describe that Goldilocks region around a star where water can exist in its life-loving liquid state. Planets dwelling in this fortunate region are not too hot, not too cold, but just right for water and, hence, life to exist. A planet that circles its star in the habitable zone suggests that there is the possibility--though not the promise--of life as we know it to exist on that world.

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On this full-moon day under the Bodhi tree he is said to have declared: "I know thee, never shall you build again these walls of pain." He made the 'knowledge' he had acquired in the course of his Enlightenment the basis of his following some 45 years of preaching and teaching as a religious philosopher while travelling as a mendicant. He was about 80 years old when he died in Kusinagara in Nepal after being poisoned.

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An orbiting spacecraft sporting such an ice-piercing radar is necessary to confirm and map Europa's enormous lake. NASA is considering such a mission, proposed to launch sometime before 2022.

In addition to shedding new light on the lunar water-mystery, the new research could also have important implications for future exploration of Earth's Moon. The volcanic beads do not harbor a lot of water--only about.05 percent by weight--but the deposits are large, and the water could potentially be extracted.

The efforts of planetary scientists to determine the lunar birthday have suggested a range of ages. Some have proposed an early event, about 30 million years after our Solar System formed, while others suggested that it occurred over 50 million years and perhaps as much as 100 million years after our Sun's family took shape.