Plutos 5 Moons pluto moon charon and pluto form binary planet Plutos Moons 5

Plutos 5 Moons pluto moon charon and pluto form binary planet Plutos Moons 5

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The "lunar effect" is a term used to make a correlation between specific stages of the Earth's lunar cycle and deviant behavior in humans and possibly even animals. This is a pseudoscientific theory, which is one based on science but having no real scientific proof. It is also a theory studied within the realms of sociology, psychology and physiology and has for many centuries been a topic of studies and beliefs. Even the term "lunacy" is derived from the name Luna, a Roman moon goddess.

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When the astronomers measured variations in the light reflected off Nix and Hydra, they obtained the first clues of the Pluto system's chaos. When studying images obtained from HST between 2005 and 2012, the astronomers were surprised to find that the brightness changed unpredictably, rather than following a regular cycle. This weird discovery could only be explained by chaotic movement.

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"Their motion is tied together in a way similar to that of three of Jupiter's large moons. If you were sitting on Nix, you would see Styx go around Pluto twice every time Hydra goes around three times," Dr. Hamilton commented in the June 3, 2015 HST Press Release.

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"Pluto will continue to surprise us when New Horizons flies past it in July (2015). Our work with Hubble just gives us a foretaste of what's in store," Dr. Showalter commented to the press on June 3, 2015.

However, the crater's shallow basin and tall surrounding mountain peaks may be whispering the precious secret that the subsurface ice was warm enough to collapse and fill the deep hole created by the impact.

Ever since their discovery in 1877, Phobos and Deimos have both bewildered and bewitched astronomers trying to answer the question of how Mars ended up with its duo of misshapen little moons. However, this perplexing riddle might have been solved by a multidisciplinary study conducted by French, Belgian, and Japanese scientists.