Plutos 5 Moons pluto moon charon and pluto form binary planet Plutos Moons 5

Plutos 5 Moons pluto moon charon and pluto form binary planet Plutos Moons 5

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A little interesting about space life.

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Europa, an icy little moon that circles the giant planet Jupiter, probably sustains a global ocean of liquid water beneath a tortured, shattered icy crust. For a long time, weird and jumbled regions of ice disruption, called "chaos terrains", were seen only on Europa, and their origins remained cloaked in mystery. But astronomers now think that the "chaos terrains" formed as the result of a subsurface liquid saltwater lake, equal to all of the Great Lakes on Earth combined. Hidden about 1.9 miles beneath Europa's cracked eggshell-like frozen crust, the ice-embedded lake may be one of the latest potentially habitable environments discovered so far in our Solar System.

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Very long ago, when our Solar System was young, Earth's Moon possessed active volcanoes. However, today, the lunar volcanoes are dormant and have not erupted for millions of years.

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So whether you're sailing down Moon River or giving a good howl, take a good look at the Moon, our guidepost to the monthly cycle of our lives.

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