The 7th Planet Solar System

Archer, T’Pol, and Ensign Mayweather, easily track the fugitive, Menos, to a cantina on the icy Pernaia Prime moon. After a brief phase-pistol fight, they capture him, but are unable to leave due to a build up of acidic ice. Menos starts to play on T’Pol’s sense of fairness and honor. He has a good life, sustaining his family with an honest job, but apparently he is dying. T’Pol, trying to disprove his story, searches for biotoxins in his ship, but is unable to locate any. Meanwhile, back on Enterprise, Commander Tucker finds the continual interruptions of command more than he expected. It gets worse when a Vulcan ship arrives, and he impersonates Archer so as not to let the Vulcans know the Captain is away.