Tranquility Base Moon Map

For more than two years, NASA planners considered a collection of 30 potential sites for the first crewed landing. Based on high-resolution photographs taken by the Lunar Orbiter spacecraft, and photos and data taken by the uncrewed Surveyor landers, this list was narrowed down to five sites located near the lunar equator, ranging between 45 degrees east and west, and 5 degrees north and south of the center of the Moon’s facing side; these were numbered 1 to 5 going from east to west. Site number 2, centered at 0°42′50″N 23°42′28″E / 0. 71389°N 23. 70778°E / 0. 71389; 23. 70778, was the Sea of Tranquility site ultimately chosen. Since a precision landing was not expected on the first mission, the target area was an ellipse measuring 11. 5 miles (18. 5 km) east-west by 3. 0 miles (4. 8 km) north-south.